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Managed services

Our managed services function is born out of the same processes and procedures upon which Rise was founded: our sector knowledge and insight, attention to detail, and willingness to deliver for our clients.

As a consultancy working in a specialised field, we can offer our clients specialist management-level resource, insight and advice, to deliver competitive advantage and financial return.

Our staff bring skills form a variety of backgrounds in the public and private sector. Our techniques and processes are honed through the convergence of these backgrounds and proven through hard won experience.

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Portfolio & Project Management (PPM)

We regularly form a PPM function on behalf of our clients, either as facilitator or actively as an owner of the portfolio management process.

Our team perform PPM functions in the areas of Public Private Partnership (PPP), real estate development, telecommunications, and other specialties. 

We help control, align, and oversee the project management process to deliver projects on time and within budget. We also help clients evaluate their project portfolios to help them understand how they can better achieve the desired strategic results.

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Commercial Asset Management

We help both government and non-government clients adopt a systematic approach to the management and realization of revenues from commercial assets. 

Through our ISO 55000-compliant commercial asset management governance model, we help put in place practices and procedures over the whole asset life-cycle. 

We also have developed smart dashboards that help our clients understand how their assets are performing, which areas are currently under-utlised and project financial performance, based on signed or proposed agreements with partners.

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Marketing & Sales in banks airports stadiums public transport malls telecom rise group me.jpg

Marketing & Sales

Ultimately, commercial is all about generating repeat, long-term revenue.

We don’t just provide our clients with a go-to-market plan, framework or recommendation, we actually help them deliver returns year-on-year, by implementing a structured sales process and monitoring methodology to attract the right investor(s). 

With experience across the entire commercial spectrum, our team has successfully marketed and sold projects for numerous public and private sector clients, including airlines, airports, banks, stadiums, public transport authorities, shopping malls and Telecom service providers.