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Brand and Rights Holder Consultancy rise group me .jpg
Brand and Rights Holder Consultancy rise group me.jpg

Brand and Rights Holder Consultancy

We provide a range of services aimed a connecting brands and rights holders to audiences through their passions and interests.

Our start point is always an understanding of brand and business goals, basing the advice we give on real market insights and data, taking into account customer/fan insights as a critical success factor.

Our team has amassed broad experience with brands, right holders and government bodies the world over – all of which come with different challenges.  We believe our ability to represent rights and consult is complimentary and gives us a broader knowledge of the industry, resulting in competitive advantage for our clients.

Our currency is our passion and ideas. We continue to innovate in the knowledge that it is rewarded in a results driven industry.

Brand & rights holder activation rise group me.jpg
Brand & rights holder activation rise group me.jpg

Brand & rights holder activation

With so many consumer touch points now existing, the power of one-to-one engagement stands out as a uniquely effective marketing channel. Activating or leveraging requires careful planning, but above all, rewards creativity.

We develop integrated activation strategies and then implement creative and dynamic customer engagements for both brand and rights holder clients..   

We strongly believe insight and creativity can triumph over budget and help clients activate sponsorships to make them stand out from the crowd.

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Evaluation & Insight strategy rise group me.jpg

Evaluation & Insight

Often overlooked, or bolted on at the end of the activity, a comprehensive evaluation programme can help our clients define the opportunity for their business and understand the critical success factors.

Underpinning everything we do is a rigorous evaluation process that utilises a variety of tools designed to track and measure customer activity, thereby creating an evaluation based not only on the return the investment (ROI) but also on the return on opportunity (ROO). 

Event Creation & Management commercial potential sponsor rise group me.jpg
Event Creation & Management commercial potential sponsor rise group me.jpg

Event Creation & Management

For any project, it is important to manage multiple stakeholders and suppliers to realise the commercial potential. 

We create and manage events of any size for our clients, creating platforms for them to engage stakeholders throughout the value chain. 

From  sponsors, through to rights holders, investors, service providers and government organisations, we have extensive experience in delivering against demanding event objectives, conditions, and commercial KPIs.

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Rights representatoin.jpg

Rights representation

Our team has experience of selling premium commercial rights for some of the world’s largest public and private sector properties, across sport, entertainment, culture and large-scale infrastructure projects.

We provide marketing and sales representation for global and regional rights holders, combining proven sales strategy and commercial acumen, with local knowledge and connectivity to the market. 

Our team works for sponsors and right holders, allowing us to provide our clients with a unique perspective of what brands look for, how they operate, and importantly, how they derive value.

SPONSOR STRATEGY rise group me .jpg

Sponsorship strategy

We believe a robust strategy sits at the heart of a successful sponsorship. With clear links to the brand strategy, but interconnected to the sponsored property, it should be easily defined to all the stakeholders and instantly understandable to its audiences.

Whether sponsorship is used as a strategic lead for all communications, or in isolation to other activity, can depend entirely on client’s brand and business objectives.

Our Sponsorship practitioners understand all areas of the marketing mix, and importantly, how they come together to activate sponsorship. We combine a history of big brand global sponsorship know-how with local GCC experience.

Importantly our strategic processes for sponsorship are based on consumer insights, recognising the importance of creative thought in delivering memorable programs.

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COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT rise group me.jpg