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Asset Development

Transport, infrastructure and recreation properties can create remarkably valuable commercial assets as they deliver large audience numbers across a wide range of touchpoints.

We provide an objective view on how to evaluate commercial worth and develop assets to achieve long-term commercial success. 

Our asset development process provides owners and developers with evidence and insights to help them understand the potential scale and nature of the opportunity and a bespoke plan from design to asset management.

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Design & Build Consultancy

We help our clients maximse commercial value throughout the design and build (D&B) process, supporting them to understand the implications of commercialisation via a full review of the pre-operational phases required for all commercial programmes.

Our services range from providing architects, engineers and other contractors with the technical requirements for commercial assets, through to supporting the RFP process throughout the construction phase.

We understand the key challenges of incorporating commercial and present an integrated design solution.

Every time our objective is for our clients to realise the full commercial potential of their assets, whilst remaining true to the design concept and the overarching purpose of the project.

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Technology procurement

The latest technology, whether large-scale media screens, digital art, interactive media, virtual reality or payment solutions, are now an integral part of any infrastructure project.

They often play multiple roles, underpinning security and directing traffic, while providing entertainment and promoting tenants. This require state-of-the-art hardware, software and applications to create an exciting, innovative and immersive customer experience.

We provide clients with specialist technology advice and assist them to procure market-leading systems for a world-class customer experience.